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Earlier this year I watched my wife give birth to our first son and I became a father.  I couldn’t have been more proud of her and even my little boy, as stubborn as he was about the whole thing.  I had been riding my Giant Defy for about 7 months and was training for Cross Florida.  I was putting miles in daily and any free time I had was being spent on the bike.  I killed Cross Florida, despite 3 flats on my bike and one on a buddies.  170 miles (almost 300ks) in a single day!  

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Since then, it has gotten harder and harder to get out on the bike.  Now my boy is 8 months old and I have grown so fond of him it’s hard to talk myself into leaving the house again after I get home from work.  Couple that with a recent promotion that came with even more hours and I had let myself get out of the habit.  Now I find myself stuck with the challenge of rekindling my motivation.  The joy I get out of the ride is definitely there, as is the desire, but the motivation has been lacking.  

Rhett cycling shot

This morning however I made a point to get up and get out there.  I was so glad I did.  I rode my favorite solo route, which is a good mix of trail and the road, and a long scenic segment around Lake Monroe in Sanford, Florida.  Both the trail and the roads were still affected by hurricane Irma’s passing the previous week.  Debris littered the roads from one side to another.  I was surprised to learn that Lake Monroe was as high as it was.  The roads were still flooded on the boardwalk, over a week later!  I jumped off the bike and snapped some pictures before finishing my ride.  I always love to punch it coming around the lake front, but dealing with fatigue and a little bit of wind I opted to instead just keep a steady pace and get home.  

Rhett cycling shot cycling pic

I have decided, one way or another, that I must get myself back out there on a regular basis.  And there’s no better time than now, with event season being here right now!  There are multiple Gran Fondos every month from now till about May it seems like, and Cross Florida is lurking around the corner in April.  I intend to improve on last year’s experience (hopefully no flats this time).  Everyone hits a dead end, or falls off the horse.  The key is what you do when that happens.  You can continue to sit there, watching yourself fall back out of shape, wondering what happened, or you can get up and get going again!  Finding the motivation is something you have to do for yourself, and it’s something you have to work on continuously.  It’s always worth it and hard work always pays off.

Rhett Pendleton

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