5 Running Tips For Beginners

Running tips
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Running is highly energy consuming and is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to achieving a great fitness level. What if I told you that you can achieve even heightened results with some few tiny changes in your running routine? Below are those tiny changes that can subtly cause huge difference in your performance.

  1. Warm up

Warm up before running not only protects the body from injuries that might happen during the run but also prepares the body for the run. Proper warm-up stretches the muscles and prepares the heart for sudden pace up during running avoiding an unwanted spike in blood pressure. It also reduces the muscle soreness due to long runs. Warm up exercises increases the body temperature and blood flow towards the muscles in action during running. Apart from muscles it also prepares the cardiovascular system and respiratory system to cope with the strenuous exercise like running. The intensity and duration of warm may differ from person to person so listen to your body because best result comes when you listen to the needs of your body.

  1. Use correct technique

Using correct technique while running is as important as breathing. Many runners unconsciously tend to arch their backs, slouch or bend from waist which leads to inefficient results; it also may lead to injuries. Most people lean from the waist down to maintain balance and cadence, but running long runs with slouched back leads to spine problems. Therefore instead of leaning from the waist, you should lean from the ankles; the weight of the body should be positioned slightly forward. Now from ankles generate forward momentum using gravity. Proper foot strike is also an important factor often ignored by beginners. Whether you strike heel, front foot, midfoot, first your foot should fall directly beneath your body.

  1. Choosing proper shoes

It as undeniable fact that different types of trails put strain on feet in different ways so indubitably different trails require different shoes. If running on cemented roads or treadmill use a shoe with proper cushion for long-term comfort. On rugged terrain use a shoe with high durability that lends protection from rocks and debris. If you are doubtful in choosing the type of pair of shoes then I suggest you visit a specialty running store to get fitted for the shoes.

  1. Running belts 

During running it always feels good when your hands are free of any daily accessories like keys, cell phones or Id. while these essential accessories are important; they cause an equal amount of inconvenience during the run. So if you want to keep your hands free yet carry important stuff then I recommend you to use running belts. Running belts are sleek belts that fit around your waist and can store stuff ranging from car keys to cell phones. These belts come in various sizes, colors and can be easily bought online.

  1. Tracking progress

Running is a long journey with hurdles as milestones. It is a process that requires years to attain perfection. So keeping a track of your progress not only provides you with the important information about your running regime, it also inspires you during the time when the spirits are low and one is in desperate need to draw some inspiration, so what can be better than your own journey as an inspiration.


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Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma is a freelance sports writer based in New Delhi. Her passion for Running and Yoga inspired her to step in to the world of words. She not only believes in a healthy body but a healthy lifestyle too.