How can a new runner make running more fun?

How can a new runner make running more fun
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Well, if you have recently received instructions by someone close that how lazy you have been doing and that actually came to you as a blow making you a runner, then we are here for you. Running is not so much fun when you have just started fresh. As a new runner, you may not feel the joy of fresh morning winds or contentment of  “good things comes to those who sweat,” feeling.

We are here to help you move ahead in your fitness endeavour to strengthen your willpower and make this running session much more fun. Let’s get started –

  1. There is no other alternative to exercise – If you want to keep fit, exercise. Maybe it is time you sink in this fact. Just like sleep is essential for all of us and we do not need any motivation for it, exercise has essentially the similar importance in our lives.
  2. Why don’t you listen to some music? – “i am in love with the shape of you” would definitely keep your adrenaline high. Do you know – even if you think of exercising, the very next moment you will experience a sudden energy boost which is actually your adrenaline rushing? Similar is the feeling when you listen to some particular form of music. You can always select your own playlist that will keep you motivated to go a mile extra.
  3. Did you try teaming up? – Well, it works. Always. Working out in teams has several benefits. Run in teams. Your teammates will keep you motivated and will definitely take you miles across without you even realizing it. Not just this, teammates can challenge each other about who can traverse the longest distance. Or they can even challenge for races. No wonder, all of these will just make you more active and have a wonderful time running and sprinting.
  4. Challenge yourself – You have never done it before. Now when you have planned to do it, challenge yourself to a duel with yourself. If you ran 10 miles today, set a goal for 12 miles tomorrow. Initially it will push you hard, maybe you put a lot of strain on your body. But in the end it will all count. And you will feel motivated the next day more about your activity milestones.
  5. Let’s go slow – That’s right. Let’s go a little slow initially. Even if you can catch much higher pace, go slow. It will increase your efficiency to manifold. Run as if you are able to talk to passersby. Don’t just discourage yourself the first time by running more than you have ever done when you hit the adulthood.
  6. Try a new route – Let’s try taking a “road not taken,” Undoubtedly, it is imperative for you to find a reason to make running time more fun filled. So discover different routes and roads you have never crossed before. You will probably discover new places, new spots you can hangout or something that is worth your attention. And then you are running, so hitting new spots is just a part of this wonderful adventure the activity consists of.


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