Are You Unmotivated But Willing To Run??

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Every morning when we wake up with a thought in our head to run and improve ourselves we face resistance, sometimes from our body, sometimes from somewhere deep within us. At times we are strong enough to win over our weaknesses but other times we do seek some inspiration outside us to pick ourselves up and head for the daily battle.
The world outside us is fascinatingly motivating but the world inside us is no less charming if we know how to harness the positivity lying deep within us. Below are some time-tested tips to reconnect with our motivated self –
1. You are not alone
 Motivation is a phenomenon that drives us to achieve goals much greater than us, but often when we are unmotivated we are driven by a false fact that we are the sole person facing an unbearable resistance within ourselves. Derailing from our paths is a natural phenomenon as no individual can stay equally motivated at all times. Therefore instead of feeling lonely and worthless, realize you are not alone facing such friction and every one has to fight their battles on their own.
2.You are unique so stop comparing
 Every individual with its strengths and weaknesses is a perfect person in itself. We are often flawed by the concept of comparison with others and when we do so we belittle ourselves. Whenever we make an attempt to reach a certain level of standard in our mind in comparison to others we lower our self-esteem and potential to a much lower level. Healthy competition driven by a feeling of improving oneself is a healthy activity but when that competition reaches a level of infatuation where every performance of the person is an act of comparison is the beginning of self-harm. So realize the very fact that you are unique and what you are doing is no less than what others are doing.
3Forget everything and enjoy the run
Planning, sweating, running and weeks of monotonous running regime to achieve a goal set in our mind makes us forget one important thing and that one important thing is to enjoy the run. Enjoying and feeling a sense of liberation when we run not only improve our confidence in ourselves but also makes us break the limits that we have set for us because believe it or not we often chain ourselves with a planned routine that we follow from the core of our heart but forget the most important ingredient, that is enjoying the run. So every time when you jump into your trainers with well-planned running routine don’t forget to enjoy the run.
4. Acceptance
Accept your current fitness level and realize the fact that even the best athletes in the world took years of training to be who they are today, so give yourself some time and don’t lose hope. Acceptance of one’s fitness is the key factor for self-growth as nothing good can come out when one lives in the state of denial of one’s own actual position.
5. Every single step counts
Not all days in our lives are equal, sometimes we are too tired from the previous running session, sometimes our mind makes us difficult to focus, sometimes the muscles are not equally agile as previous days and various other reasons which makes our performance chart vary. We may not run equally on all days, some days are full of energy and some days are simply full of disappointments. In such situation, one can easily feel that the efforts being invested are worthless and may not result in any substantial change, but we should not forget the fact that every change is a collective effort of all the tiny steps put in together.Therefore no matter how tiny the effort is, it will result in a big change with consistency and perseverance.

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Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma is a freelance sports writer based in New Delhi. Her passion for Running and Yoga inspired her to step in to the world of words. She not only believes in a healthy body but a healthy lifestyle too.