6 Ways Cyclists can beat the Sun

6 ways cyclists can beat the sun
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Cycling is one of the sports that require you to stay in an open Environment for a very long duration. Sometimes the weather outside is pleasant, but other times when nature is at its top notch, one has to think of ways of protection from the natural forces. Heat from Sun is among the natural forces that affect cyclists the most. Direct searing heat from Sun not only causes severe damage to the skin but also causes various types of cancers when exposed to longer periods. While one cannot completely avoid the sun, one can think ways to reduce the harm it may cause us :
1. Start riding as early as possible
 One of the ways to ditch the sun is to start riding early. Early morning atmosphere is comparatively much cooler and refreshing than the atmosphere during the rest of the day. So by the time of dawn, you would have already completed a great length of distance without the harmful effects of the sun.
2. High UV Protection Buff
High UV Buffs are specially made to be very stretchable and versatile. They provide complete protection to sensitive areas like neck, nose and partially face as well. The advantage of using High UV Buffs is that one doesn’t need to use any sunblock underneath the cloth. The cloth is extremely light, highly breathable and dries off quickly.They come in various patterns and colors.
3. Sunscreen below the layer of cloth having vents and mesh panels
These days sports wears come in various cuts and style, these cuts and style do make you look trendy but they often leave delicate parts of the skin exposed. So the jerseys or shorts having multiple side vents or mesh panels should be avoided under extremely hot conditions and if one has to wear them, then apply a layer of sunblock underneath.
4. Helmets with proper ventilation
A helmet is one of the most important accessories that not only provides protection but also ventilation if chosen wisely. Helmets with proper ventilation cuts on the upper panel should be chosen as a complete solid upper surface will heat up more eventually.
5. Sunglasses and Sun sleeves
Sunglasses are a must worn accessory by cyclists as they not only protect eyes from sun’s radiation but also act as a barrier against dirt and dust flowing in the eyes during cycling. Also, they create an effect of coolness in the eyes while riding in harsh weather. Sun sleeves are another important cloth worn by Cyclists as it covers the whole length of the arm leaving no part exposed to direct radiation of Sun.
6. Shorts with lower bib 
Well, it seems quite contradictory to wear shorts with lower bibs when you are out in the sun, bibs that go till the upper part of the chest will act as an additional layer of clothing and will trap the heat inside the layers of cloths. Therefore traditional bib shorts with lower bib should be chosen to avoid adding an additional layer of clothing underneath the jersey.

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Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma
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