Rise And Shine With Early Morning Run

Early morning run
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Running is an exercise that can be performed at different timings during the day and it still gives you results much more effective than various other complex workout routines.But nobody can deny a worldwide accepted fact that running in the morning has the most number of benefits not only on the body but also on the mind. Running early morning is such a soulful and healthy experience that early morning runners swear by the benefits of the early morning run. Apart from physical health benefits, it has positive effects on mental health as well.
1. Better time management
When a person develops a habit of waking up early to run, it not only improves the physical health but also the balance of life. Undeniably running on any other part of the day is no less effective, but then it’s a delicate balance between other priorities of the day like work, children, family and daily errands, which may fall any moment if the priorities are not chosen wisely. Therefore waking up early creates a better flow of workout and work life, without any trade-off between priorities. The calculations simply work better with early morning schedule leading to better time management ultimately leading to a highly organized life.
2. Psychological effect
Running triggers the release of endorphins, our natural happiness drug. When one runs in the morning the sense of happiness last throughout the day, making your day more pleasant. Apart from the pleasant state due to endorphins, there is a sense of an achievement a person feels during the entire day, creating a positive image about ourselves in our minds.
3. Reconnect with Environment
Nobody can argue with the fact that early morning time is much more divine and peaceful as compared to rest of the day which is usually quite chaotic. Trees having the early mist, birds chirping in chorus, silence, and serenity wrapped around nature, what can be a more suited environment than nature for kickstarting the day. Not only it is calm in morning, the air is much cleaner in the morning. Therefore the heavy task of leaving the bed doesn’t seem much if looked at the abundance of benefits attached to it.
4. Quality work and quality Sleep
Quality work and quality sleep are two aspects that are highly connected with each other. A proper good night sleep results in better efficiency next day and better efficiency leads to quality work. The quality of our sleep majorly depends on our sleeping pattern. If you tend to have an irregular sleeping pattern and odd waking hours then the quality of sleep will deteriorate, as the body will find it difficult to adapt to changing schedule ultimately reducing your efficiency. Hence it is apt to follow the old wise saying, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
5. Enhanced personal Discipline
Not much can be argued if I say that developing early morning schedule requires a certain amount of Discipline in one’s life as waking up early requires sleeping early and managing rest of the day around it. Discipline is an attribute difficult to run, but once developed it has the potential to take you much further in life. Waking up and running itself is a Discipline that comes hard but will take you a long way.
6. Better Mobility
Starting the day with running comes with one very good advantage, it is that throughout the day the mobility and agility of muscles are high. So climbing those stairs to office doesn’t seem much like a task if you have already flexed your muscles in the morning. Better mobility during the day improves the breathing pattern as you no longer feel breathless with those extra few stairs or extra few steps, so additionally it makes you burn more calories.

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Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma is a freelance sports writer based in New Delhi. Her passion for Running and Yoga inspired her to step in to the world of words. She not only believes in a healthy body but a healthy lifestyle too.

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