8 Reasons To Run Without Headphones

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1. Focus
Exercises like running require a great deal of discipline and technique. While discipline may not be affected due to high-intensity music, but technique might suffer as implementing right technique while running requires an equal amount of focused mind. When you run with headphones on, it may give you the right inspiration but it may deprive your mind of focus for the proper running technique. Improper posture during the run like slouched back, inappropriate stride rate definitely worsens your efficiency. Hence you should at least try to run without headphones once in every while, to access your technique.

2. Tune into rhythm of your body
Running is an exercise that can be performed at a different pace according to one’s level of comfort. No matter you are a slow-paced runner or a hard paced runner, if you have been running consistently for a while then you must be knowing that body has its own rhythm and once the runner connects with the rhythm of the body then there is no need to tune your body into the beats of headphones. So the point here is that, while running body has its own tune and beat, try to tune your mind with the tune of your body to feel a deeper connection lying within you.

3. Dress rehearsal
Various races around the world do not allow the participants to use headphones for various safety reasons. Therefore practice everyday like its dress rehearsal for the main race, this will make you feel more confident on the actual race day as it won’t appear as any different from the rest of the days. So its always a good idea to practice in the environment in which you will perform.

4. Safety
If you run every day on the streets then you know how much crowded the streets are with vehicles. So it appears to be a more wise idea to keep your headphones at home until you are running in a park or a place completely devoid of any traffic. Headphones impair our sense of hearing and such impairment on road may lead to an accident.

5. Feel the Nature
Nature around has immense potential to inspire us if we are willing to listen to the mesmerizing music of nature. If music makes you go further then nature will help you break your own limits as nothing can be more nurturing and healing than nature. Therefore try to connect with the flowers, birds, trees, squirrels and every element of nature that comes in your path to inspire you.

6. Stress 
It is a no hidden fact that our lives these days have become so stressful that finding time for oneself can be a hard task. Upon this, if you listen to heavy intensity music during running it will induce more stress in your brain than relieving it. Therefore it is a good idea to ditch those headphones at times to avoid unnecessary stress building inside your head.

7. Go with the flow
High-intensity music deafening your ears may force you to run past your limits during that favorite song of yours, but it will not help you build long-term stamina as long-term stamina requires slowly increasing the pace rather than a sudden hike in your running graph. Running under influence of music produces short-term effects not long-term results.

8. Social connectivity
Wouldn’t it be great if while running you could make some new friends having similar interests but for that, you will have to ditch your headphones. Having friends with similar interests are not only good to avoid boredom during running but also increases social connectivity in your social sphere.

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Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma is a freelance sports writer based in New Delhi. Her passion for Running and Yoga inspired her to step in to the world of words. She not only believes in a healthy body but a healthy lifestyle too.