How to become a better runner?

How to become a better runner
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Two characteristic features in you that make you a better runner, or a better sportsperson for that matter are, consistency and determination. Pushing one’s boundaries, rising above the failures and challenging oneself help us achieve unprecedented success and conversely, impatience leads you into depression. It is an imperative to hone your skills to make that cut and there is no room for excuses. To push up your potentials into high gear you need to channelize your energy into making yourself way more competent that yesterday and here are some simple pointers that will help you do so. Read on below:

1. Improving your technique is the key requirement:
Your technique is more likely to affect your speed. While your main agenda is to enhance your speed, you really need to work on the technique. The fundamental reason you are lagging behind is your poor technique so take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and look good while running. You can check your postures at the gym mirror which will give you a better understanding of things. With a little work on your technique, you will find running easier and more enjoyable.

2. Recovery Runs are very important:
You can run hard and push yourself to the limit in a run but ultimately it is counterproductive. It will make you too tired during a hard workout or another run. Recovery runs are very important to keep you fresh and flexible for a harder session later in the week. Your body needs a recovery session to adapt and improve. A workout provides the stimulus while a recovery runs helps you loosen up and keep the muscles relaxed.

3. Diet and Hydration:
Diet and hydration are the key to a great run. What you eat will affect your running from making you slow and sluggish ultimately leading to lose your energy at the end. A runner’s diet should be comprised of 55-65% carbs which will provide the energy to finish your run strongly. Similarly, being sufficiently hydrated is also vital for runners. When you don’t take enough fluids, the blood gets thicker and the heart works extra harder to pump more oxygen and various minerals to your muscles. Having a proper diet and hydrating consistently through the day is the best way to go.

4. Vary your training schedule:
If you want to get quicker running the same route every day at the same pace will make you good. Adding speed work to your training will not only help you run quicker but also improve your running technique. Speed work is essential to you becoming a faster and stronger runner. A good example of speed work is running 3 – 6 X 1km repeats with a 3-minute break in between. Another good speed work will be to run shorter distance but at a faster speed. Speed work helps you to burn more calories and build stronger muscles. However, a slow recovery run the day after your speed work is essential for you to loosen up and be ready for your next run.

5. Benefits of strength work:
Adding a simple body weight routine can bring big benefits to runners. A stronger core will help you maintain a good running technique while you are tired. Having a leg workout day will help you become more stable, have more power in your legs and run stronger. A few squats, planking and bridges can help you also.

6. Consistency is key:
Last but not the least Be consistent in whatever you do. Being consistent in your training, diet and recovery will work wonders for you in the long run.
These are the methods all good runners swear by. If you want to place yourself in that milieu, try sticking to these methods and in no time you will be in the big league. All the Best !

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