Key Running Tips for New Runners

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Running seems easy enough. Just grab a pair of sneakers and start running, right? Well anyone who struggled to get through a mile or even the first five minutes knows its not quite that simple.

The concept of running for fun or even a social activity can be daunting. If you considered joining the sweaty endorphin fueled tribe of runners but are intimidated at the thought of running even 5 Km we are here to help.

  1. Warm Up:

You actually have to warm up before every run. For one warming up is important and also how to warm up? You need to work out for running the same way you need to warm up before every work out. Strengthening the legs and the hip muscles can have a significant impact on performance, stability and injury prevention.

Try warming up with different lunges: revere lunges and side lunges. Stretch your quads and bring your knees to your chest. Dynamic warm ups and stretching can go a long way in improving your form and strength and your body’s ability to prevent injuries.

  1. You need to try the “Talk Test

You should be able to have a conversation with your own self while running. You should ask your body the pace you need to run. You don’t have to be fast when you start running. In fact, you don’t have to be fast at all. Find the pace that is comfortable for your body ,so that you can keep running for miles and get the best work out possible.

  1. Increasing the mileage gradually is key:

Do not drastically increase mileage over a short period of time. Take it easy. You should stick to the 10 percent rule of running. Here’s how it works – never increase your weekly mileage by more than 10 percent from the previous week. It is not recommended if you go from 0 to 10 miles in a week and then from 10 to 20 in the next week. You need to have a basic level of fitness and competence, without that you will be highly prone to injuries if you rapidly increasing your mileage. Gradually increasing the mileage is the key.

  1. Get some good gear:

Running start up costs are minimal but investing in a good pair of running shoe and a training apparel is highly recommended. Getting the right gear will not only solidify your commitment but will also make running much more enjoyable.

  1. Keep yourself accountable:

Setting goals Is given but sticking to it is altogether a different thing. After setting your goal and achieving it like completing a race, running three days a week or losing a certain amount of weight – tell people about it, either by confiding it to a special person or your best friend or by announcing it in the social media. It will give your more confidence when people appreciates your efforts.

  1. Reward yourself:

Whether its treating yourself to a coffee or a treat after your workout, compliment your running goals with something to look forward to in addition to your runs. Set small targets and try to achieve them. Its important to feel the joy yourself and subsequently reward yourself.


Remember running is a process. Its easy to get frustrated in the early stages of a running program. Every runner experiences the highs and low along the way. However, remind yourself to enjoy the process of discovering what you can do every time you lace up your running shoes. All the Best !

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