In Dramatic Finish, Dallas Marathon winner crosses the finish line

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The 2017 BMW Dallas Marathon had an unpredictable ending in the women’s’ division. Chandler Self won with a timing of 2:53:58 – yet not without the assistance of 17-year-old Ariana Luterman.

Ariana Luterman, a high school sprinter at GreenHill Academy, help Chandler to her feet a few times over the last 200 yards. Each time, Luterman helped her to her feet. Luterman drove Chandler ahead, and with the help of crew member, Chandler lunged to fall across it and won the race as they reached the finish. Marathon staff quickly came to help her and take her away in a wheelchair to a medical tent, where she asked: ‘Did I win?’

Chandler recalled Luterman advising her, “You can do it. You got it, come on girl. The finish line’s right there we can see it.”
“She was so promising,” Chandler said. “I knew she was correct, and I needed it so bad and this was only a dream for me.”

Luterman has been competing in triathlons since she was 10 year old, and when she was 12, she opened a non profit to help homeless youngsters in Dallas.

Marathon official chief Marcus Grunewald said sprinters can’t get assistance from spectators, race authorities or medical staff during the run, however ‘another member is a Gray zone’.

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