Everything You need to know about trying a meatless diet

Everything You need to know about meatless diet
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Everyone of us for once must have given a thought about giving up a meatless diet and going
vegetarian or becoming a vegan. But giving up a meatless diet can have consequences for a runner.
You need to understand first the ins and out of a meatless diet and how it can affect your running
routine before taking a decision. You need to know about the essential nutrients that you were
getting earlier and find a way to get sufficient amounts of the same nutrients after going meatless. We are here to share with you all the facts about a meatless diet.

Make a Plan

Plan your meals. It is very important for meatless eaters to plan their meals before going out to a
restaurant. Most of the takeout joints and restaurants have limited vegetarian options hence it’s a
necessity you plan your meals on the day you are eating outside. Planning will help you a great deal in saving time, energy, money and calories. You should research the menu of the restaurant beforehand and if there not many vegetarian options have a healthy snack before you go or mix n match the salads, soups or the side dishes to create a balanced meal.

Consult a Registered Dietitian

A dietitian is the best person to guide you to your new lifestyle choice. As a runner its important to have a protein fuelled diet to repair damaged tissue and muscles. A dietitian will ensure your switch to a meatless diet don’t have any nutritional deficiencies and recommend you a wholesome balanced diet also.

Know the Benefits

A meatless diet consists of healthy ingredients such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, nuts and soya products. Thee foods are rich in dietary fibres and are great for the heart. Research have shown that vegetarians have lower risk of cardio vascular diseases than meat eaters. They also have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and fewer instances of Type 2 diabetes . More over vegetarians tend to have healthier body weight and lower chances of cancer than meat eaters.

Learn about the Cost

Stocking up on wholesome foods can be expensive but refraining from the meat will keep your expenses reasonable. More over dairy products and poultry products like egg and other products like beans are one of the most affordable in the supermarket.

Be aware of the Drawbacks

A meatless diet will definitely have much less protein than your normal requirement hence there is a tendency to over eat the carbs. Unfortunately a diet rich in carbs and less in protein will result in weight gain. Make sure you know your protein requirement and get enough of it in every meal.

Get the Nutrients

The thing that worry people the most while switching to a meatless diet is how they will get their
protein !! The answer is many non meat items like egg, milk, beans, pulse, legumes, dry fruits
contain sufficient amounts of protein. These products contain iron and B12 proteins which are as
essential in your body. A little bit of planning and guidance from your dietitian can help you get
enough protein through out the day. Most runners need 0.5 to 1 gm of protein per pound of body
weight , which should be easy if you are eating a well balanced meals and snacks.

If all these tips seem useful and doable to you then go for it! If you are still unsure talk to people
who quit eating meat and know about their experiences or give it a shot for a couple of weeks. If
you succeed, great, if not, life goes on!! All the Best.

Infographic: Top 7 Meatless Diet Myths

Everything You need to know about trying a meatless diet

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