What you need to know about Indoor Track?

things to know about Indoor Track
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If you enjoy running or want to get involved in a sport that offers individual, as well as team challenges plus many health benefits, running track, maybe the best solution for you. Track runners cover a variety of distances, depending on their specialty, ranging from the all-out sprint in the 100m dash to longer distances such a the 2-mile race. Here’s all you want to know about Indoor tracks.

Indoor track season is short

Typically, indoor track meets start in December. By the first week of March, indoor season is over and outdoor track season starts. Although track season is short it offers great competition for athletes and also protects them from the harsh perils of winter outside.

Lap distances are different

A standard indoor loop is around 200m in length than the conventional 400m track. The short distance means you pass the spectators more often, as a result, crowd involvement is more in the race.

Race distances are different

Indoor tracks present a variety of different distances. It all depends on the specific meet but you can find race distances like the 500m or the 3000m run. There is no 100m discipline since indoor tracks are shorter. Sprinters usually run the shorter 60m race.

Your Lungs will burn after racing

Most runners take time to adjust to the dry air of an indoor track. Long distance runners will probably feel their lung burn more afterward. As you are cooling down post race you will be grateful you weren’t racing in the snowy outdoors.

Training Schedule

If you are an individual running alone you can create your own running track programme. It is important to begin training before the race season begins so your body will be prepared to meet the physical and mental aspects of racing. Achieving a certain level of fitness can also help you avoid injury as you enter race season.

Mental Preparation

Running is a discipline that requires a lot of mental toughness.  Be positive in your mind, this will help you overcome any challenges or obstacles. Your training program will not only help you get into great physical shape but also make you more confident and mentally tough for the upcoming track season.

Eat right

Your diet should be based on protein with a lot of carbohydrates and a low percentage of fat. You need to eat more than enough fruits and vegetables as they contain protein and carbs. Eat 4-5 meals in a day. Drink lots of water (4-5 lts) also. Always aim for a balanced diet.

Track running is a great way to challenge yourself and give a break from your daily mundane routine. Enjoy the winters inside and save yourself from the snowy slippery roads outside. All The Best !

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