How to make Fitness a Habit?

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Fitness is a habit that does not comes easy but once it becomes a habit it never leaves you easily too. Once you start exercising diligently, you learn to acknowledge benefits that workout can have on your body and soul. We all are charmed by the prospect of an active lifestyle but our sedentary lifestyles force us to follow a different sort of routine.  Therefore its high time now to stop making a freshly knitted excuse every day. To be fit we need to snatch the claim of our time from the clutches of laziness and excuses. The tips given below will help you develop fitness as a part of your daily lifestyle.

1. Accept your current Fitness level
If you are a novice in the world of fitness and is entering this new word with all your pumped up energy with expectations at zenith then let me tell you, you have already committed a cardinal mistake. First of all, you need to understand that body takes time to accustom to new changes and sculpting your body is no sorcery. Accept your current fitness level even if you are at your lowest. Aim to gradually rise up the rungs of fitness ladder with a profound feeling of acceptance from yourself.

2. Don’t compare
As I told you achieving fitness is like climbing up the rungs of a ladder. Every step that you climb is an achievement in itself as you are constantly fighting a fierce resistance from inside. If now at every step you stopped and compared yourself then you would be shaming all the hard work you did to be at the current position. So don’t demean yourself by comparing yourself with others. Sometimes small disappointments from useless comparisons can derail you from your big journey. Instead, invest your energy in planning further goals.

3. Correct your Diet 
Believe me or not but do try to fathom this fact ‘We are what we eat’. Unarguably, this fact is the summary of all that could be said about diet. If we eat junk then we will continue to be a junk but if we at least try to make a conscious attempt at mending our eating habits then we can embark on a journey full of good health. So make a simple diet plan according to needs of your body that you could easily follow. This way you will be able to kickstart your routine and will also be able to stick to your fitness goal.

4.  Playlist
Embed your favourite music in  your workout routine as music has the potential to  elivate your spirit in no time. Those lazy weekends when the world seems to be in a deep slumber  and you pick your trainers for workout, music can really transition your mood from sleepy to spirited. Therefore make a playlist of your favourite music or songs that can help you out in those dark days to avoid ambling around in search of motivation.

5. Keep a track of your routine
Now, this tip may not sound alluring as keeping a track feels like an elephantine task of keeping a fitness journal about writing down a detailed plan of calories, exercises, strengths, weakness and god knows what more. But what I mean is that by keeping a simple track of the number of days exercised or missed, you will act more consistently.

6. Learn to say No
Have you ever been in those situations when you plan a dinner with your friends and decide that you will avoid calories to the maximum extent but in a state of dilemma or out of fear of judgement you end up ordering even more calories? Well, it happens to many of us because we fear that we might be judged for our choices. Imagine what that extra dessert at the end of the meal, that you were planning to say No, is going to cost you. It is going to cost you your health and the latent guilt inside you can easily rip you apart from your path. So don’t be abashed and learn to say No proudly.

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Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma is a freelance sports writer based in New Delhi. Her passion for Running and Yoga inspired her to step in to the world of words. She not only believes in a healthy body but a healthy lifestyle too.

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  1. I really appreciate this,a great work kanu ,this gonna help lot of people,I am doing this for last 3months,now I realize that can’t live without workout,it is as important as brushing teeth in morning, again a great work, great initiative ,I am there for any help and support

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