Why Should Running Be Your New Year Resolution

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You must have seen runners swear by the great effects of running but have you ever wondered why most of the athletes include running in their fitness regimen. Well, the reason is that running is an excellent exercise for both a peaceful mind and body. It may seem like a strenuous exercise, wherein after-effects may include tired mind and body but in actual after a soulful run one feels much lighter. The mind feels at greater peace even more than before. You lose all the worldly apprehensions and learn to appreciate everything around you.
Running develops a broader perspective and a profound thinking. Our unhappy lives these days, even on having everything, can be summarised as a result of ‘curry, worry and hurry’. We may take pride in being a connoisseur and exercise too less but that is definitely affecting our life and body. With the genesis of another new year, we should all take a pledge to change our lives and nothing can turn this around so drastically as running can. Below are the reasons I believe running should be a part of everyone’s daily plan.


1. Economical
Nothing can be as cheap or economical as running with the potential of spawning great results. In true words, running requires nothing more than a pair of nice shoes and willpower to walk out of the house. That is all you require for running whereas a membership of gym requires you to pay a hefty amount and still there is a probability that you may not like working inside a closed large room. Wherein running just pay a small part of your gym membership into buying good shoes and you will be all set to go for a run.

2.  No more gloomy
The world is changing rapidly and so are we. Reports of people falling into the grip of depression are soaring high and higher these days. What’s more bewildering is that most of the people falling in dark waters of depression are people having a substantial amount of everything ranging from money, success, a reasonably good health, a warm house, a family and everything that is required to stay happy. Then what is the thing that is causing such bedlam in our minds? To me, the reason seems quite simple, we are just running after materialistic possessions that are surely increasing our social status but pushing us far away from the real peace and satisfaction. So what can be done to cure this problem, is there any easy way out? It seems there is and running is that easy way. When you jump in your shoes and complete a stretch of a road or length of the park, running relaxes your body and there is the release of hormones like dopamine, endorphin, which gives a sense of a happy state and pleasure. So the gloomy state starts to fade. You start to think positively and feel a strength to fight against all odds.

3. Increased Cognitive Abilities
It wouldn’t be a thing of shock if I say a  happy, peaceful, and satisfied mind has greater cognitive abilities than a mind full of frustration, anger, and unsatisfactory. Running calms one’s mind making it easier to focus on things that are important. When the regulation of blood is proper in one’s body then the person feels agile, less sleepy and more active throughout the day. Hence increase in the functioning ability of our brain

4. Couples who run together stay together
With ever increasing inflation couples have to work long hours to make ends meet and this juggling between jobs often takes a toll on their personal relationships. Any relationship that is devoid of communication and connection can really loose its warmth over a period of time. Neither the jobs can be avoided nor the lengths of the days can be stretched to meet our expectations. But don’t worry, the change can still happen by just sparing an hour or 45 minutes together from one’s busy schedule. Running together is not only motivational for both the people but is also great when it comes to connecting at a personal level. Running is an exercise that can make this happen easily and it can develop a better affection level between the two people.

5. Calmness
The kind of hectic lifestyle we live today is already full of tension and chaos. So upon this, if you choose a workplace that is equally full chaos then the body may get the required workout but the mind won’t get the desired peace. Whereas running in a park or in a green open place will give you a complete workout for both mind and body. Therefore, long runs and a connection with nature are equally serene and peaceful for both mind and body. Leaving a chaotic workplace to be at another chaotic place for workout definitely doesn’t seem a preferable choice if you want a peace of mind with a complete body workout

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Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma is a freelance sports writer based in New Delhi. Her passion for Running and Yoga inspired her to step in to the world of words. She not only believes in a healthy body but a healthy lifestyle too.