7 Books Every Runner Should Read

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For few people running is a way to establish a deeper peaceful connection with oneself and for some, it is a great way to sweat to the most extreme point. Running could be anything for you but you cannot deny the fact that running is a sport that forces you to push yourself to the most extreme of yourself.
Running is an art that can never be completely learned and thus runners always look for the ways to improve and better themselves through various methodologies. So if you are trying to better yourself even further or simply looking for some running inspiration then the books given below should be on your reading list.


1. Born to Run
Born to Run - Runner's book
The book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall is based on Tarahumara, an indigenous Mexican tribe renowned for their extreme accomplishment in long-distance running. The book talks about natural virtues of running as from Christopher McDougall’s personal experiences, training, and research. The book documents the author’s fetish for ultra-marathon and his fascination leads him to mystical people of Tarahumara. The tribe has developed such immense efficiency in running that they can run a hundred miles successfully without rest. The book is a detailed account of, as written on the cover itself,  ‘a hidden tribe, Super-athletes, and the greatest race the world has never seen”.


2. Running on Empty
running on empty
Marshall Ulrich is an Ultra runner and his book Running on Empty is a deeply personal account in form of a book. The book talks about everything ranging from intense competition to personal losses that let Marshall Ulrich to discover his passion for ultra running. At the age of 57 Marshall Ulrich ventured on for a world record set by 28-year-old, Ultimately he set two transcontinental speed records of his own. I think this much of information in itself is quite tempting enough for you to inspire to read this book.


3. Pre: The story of America’s Greatest Running Legend
Pre - Story of America's Greatest Running Legend
The title of the book  Pre: The story of America’s Greatest Running Legend  is introductory and motivating enough in itself. Steve Prefontaine is among the greatest running legends in US history. Indubitably there are a plethora of books, documentaries, movies about Steve Prefontaine but Pre is the original and definitive work. A single cursory look of few pages in books are quite enough to tell that Steve Prefontaine was a man of insatiable desire to win. From being born in a small town and reaching the apex of the atheltic world to getting struck by a tragedy, the book accounts it all.


4. Running with the mind of meditation: Lessons for training body and mind
Running with the mind of meditation: Lessons for training body and mind
For few people running is an extreme exercise to stay fit and for few, it is like a meditation that connects them with their own deeper self. If you belong to the latter category then this book is for you. Running with the mind of meditation: Lessons for training body and mind by Sakyong Mipham is a book venturing into a relationship between spirituality and running with greater depth of mind. Sakyong Mipham is a Tibetan lama, leader of Shambhala International, an expert in martial art and an accomplished runner. The book is quite short but packs a lot of information.


5. The Cool Impossible
The Cool Impossible
The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton is like a guidebook for those looking for ways to improve their strength, stamina, form, and cadence. It is a book that can be recommended for runners of all level.The book is written by Eric Orton who is a running coach, so you can definitely feel confident of the tips given in the book. The best thing about the book is that the tips given in the book are very practical and can be easily followed. It is a nice book to read if you want to train yourself to achieve better form.


6. The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances
The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances
This book is quite different from the rest of the books of the same category. Written by Matthew Inman The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances is a personal and humorous take on his relationship with long distance running. The author is a cartoonist so his talent of his art is very visible in the book. It is a very honest and unapologetic account of the runner’s feeling and hence it feels very original and relatable.


7. Eat and Run
Eat and Run
Eat and Run by Scott Jurek and Steve Friedman is a book about Ultra Running. Scott Jurek is amongst the best runners in America and is an Ultra Running champion. It is an autobiography that speaks about the champion’s early years of growing in Minnesota and his liking for Ultra Running. This book is quite favourite among vegans and vegetarians as Scott does not eat meat.

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Kanupriya Sharma
Kanupriya Sharma
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