5 Tips That Will Make You a Faster Runner

Tips That Will Make You a Faster Runner

We runners are always looking to run faster, improve our technique, train hard and go the extra mile. Here are 5 tips for you to become a faster and a better runner. Speed Work : We all know to be fast you have to run faster. Speed workout is a great

Key Running Tips for New Runners

Running seems easy enough. Just grab a pair of sneakers and start running, right? Well anyone who struggled to get through a mile or even the first five minutes knows its not quite that simple. The concept of running for fun or even a social activity can be daunting. If you

How to become a better runner?

How to become a better runner

Two characteristic features in you that make you a better runner, or a better sportsperson for that matter are, consistency and determination. Pushing one’s boundaries, rising above the failures and challenging oneself help us achieve unprecedented success and conversely, impatience leads you into depression. It is an imperative to hone