25 Of the Most Inspiring Quotes Ever Spoken

Life is a continuous series of high and low moments. With every moment passing by we experience a spectrum of emotions and those varying emotions definitely affect our actions. Every champion goes through a journey full of moments testing his or her every moment, but overcoming all those gamuts of

Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal for Runners

Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal

Preparing for the next marathon? Then you have definitely clicked on the right place. If you are an experienced marathoner then you know how important a Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal for marathoning journey. You may have loads of stamina and strength but if you won't fuel your body the right way then

7 Books Every Runner Should Read


For few people running is a way to establish a deeper peaceful connection with oneself and for some, it is a great way to sweat to the most extreme point. Running could be anything for you but you cannot deny the fact that running is a sport that forces you

Why Should Running Be Your New Year Resolution


You must have seen runners swear by the great effects of running but have you ever wondered why most of the athletes include running in their fitness regimen. Well, the reason is that running is an excellent exercise for both a peaceful mind and body. It may seem like a strenuous exercise, wherein

How to make Fitness a Habit?

Fitness is a habit that does not comes easy but once it becomes a habit it never leaves you easily too. Once you start exercising diligently, you learn to acknowledge benefits that workout can have on your body and soul. We all are charmed by the prospect of an active

What Does God of Running Eats- Usain Bolt’s Diet

Usain Bolt's diet

Human body is a wonderful machine and if proper care is taken of this magnificent machine, it can yield results that can astonish the entire world. Food is an important element of our body's care routine, as what goes inside us makes us who we are, and spawn results accordingly. Every athlete

6 Tips for Overweight Runners

Overweight running tips

You will find plenty of articles telling you what kind of shoes to use, which jersey you should buy or which brand provides you with the best gears, you will find all that easily in abundance with one click, but real battle lies somewhere else, it lies in the mind.

6 Rules For Running After 40


Running is a brilliant form of exercise that strengthens our Cardio-respiratory system, metabolic system, lower body, upper body and keeps our complete body fit and active. Therefore running is an extremely beneficial exercise that can be recommended to all who want to achieve a greater level of fitness. Running after 40

8 Reasons To Run Without Headphones


1. Focus Exercises like running require a great deal of discipline and technique. While discipline may not be affected due to high-intensity music, but technique might suffer as implementing right technique while running requires an equal amount of focused mind. When you run with headphones on, it may give you the right