Important First Aid Tips For Runners

Important First Aid Tips For Runners

Running is a blessed feeling and being a runner is an equally blessed experience. Those who are part of a running routine know the feeling of high that first few drops of sweats on one's forehead can give. The strength looming inside one's body after a great session of running is what runners

7 Best Cycling Trails In Delhi

Cycling Trails In Delhi

Cycling is a sport that can take you to places far and wonderful. A good cycle and stamina are majorly what one needs to set on a trail of discovering new possibilities hidden in oneself. Delhi is a place filled with majestic and enticing places and hence lures people from

7 Running Hotspots In Delhi

Running Hotspots In Delhi

Running is an experience not of body but mind. Running rejuvenates body and balances the mind. When we run we not only drain our body of the extra calories but also drain our mind of the negative, depressing thoughts. Therefore running is not only a great workout but also a great healing

10 Best Superfoods For Runners

10 Best Superfoods For Runners

Runners are among the toughest people on the planet. They train for long hours in sun, rain and in every worst climate possible and forge their bodies into metal. Waking up at demonic hours to testing themselves on the world's toughest trails, they go to every length to prove their

25 Of the Most Inspiring Quotes Ever Spoken

Life is a continuous series of high and low moments. With every moment passing by we experience a spectrum of emotions and those varying emotions definitely affect our actions. Every champion goes through a journey full of moments testing his or her every moment, but overcoming all those gamuts of

Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal for Runners

Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal

Preparing for the next marathon? Then you have definitely clicked on the right place. If you are an experienced marathoner then you know how important a Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal for marathoning journey. You may have loads of stamina and strength but if you won't fuel your body the right way then

7 Books Every Runner Should Read


For few people running is a way to establish a deeper peaceful connection with oneself and for some, it is a great way to sweat to the most extreme point. Running could be anything for you but you cannot deny the fact that running is a sport that forces you

Why Should Running Be Your New Year Resolution


You must have seen runners swear by the great effects of running but have you ever wondered why most of the athletes include running in their fitness regimen. Well, the reason is that running is an excellent exercise for both a peaceful mind and body. It may seem like a strenuous exercise, wherein

How to make Fitness a Habit?

Fitness is a habit that does not comes easy but once it becomes a habit it never leaves you easily too. Once you start exercising diligently, you learn to acknowledge benefits that workout can have on your body and soul. We all are charmed by the prospect of an active