Sweat is Sweet

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Yes, you read it right. Sweat is indeed sweet. Not in taste but in sweet results you get for your body after sweating due to hard physical activity. Recently I came across a very interesting caption. It read: SWEAT IS NOTHING BUT FAT CRYING.  Is not it a beautiful comment? Any

Meet Jayendra Soni And His Running Competitor

Half Marathon in India

”Hey Friends, I have achieved my PB.  Can’t tell you how much happy I am” If you are trespassing a running group after an event, you are likely to hear this type of conversation. You will be wondering what does that ‘PB’ means. But on hearing this, all the friends of

Inspiring story of Rhett

Rhett cycling shot

Earlier this year I watched my wife give birth to our first son and I became a father.  I couldn’t have been more proud of her and even my little boy, as stubborn as he was about the whole thing.  I had been riding my Giant Defy for about 7