10 Best Superfoods For Runners

10 Best Superfoods For Runners

Runners are among the toughest people on the planet. They train for long hours in sun, rain and in every worst climate possible and forge their bodies into metal. Waking up at demonic hours to testing themselves on the world's toughest trails, they go to every length to prove their

What Does God of Running Eats- Usain Bolt’s Diet

Usain Bolt's diet

Human body is a wonderful machine and if proper care is taken of this magnificent machine, it can yield results that can astonish the entire world. Food is an important element of our body's care routine, as what goes inside us makes us who we are, and spawn results accordingly. Every athlete

Best Snacks and Smoothies For Runners

Best Snacks And Smoothies For Runners

Optimum nutrition is necessary for everyone. Either it’s an individual who is engaged in sedentary work or a runner who has to perform better every day than the previous day. Runners need a nutrient dense diet, the perfect ratio of carb, protein and fats- before, during and after the training