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World's Toughest Marathons

Hills, Heartbreak, Bleeding blisters and Burning quads. They're all not that bad when you're running a marathon. Running 26.2 miles is tough enough. But if you're looking to take your racing to the next level, we found these marathons that challenge even the most experienced runners in the world. Hardrock 100-Mile Endurance

Important First Aid Tips For Runners

Important First Aid Tips For Runners

Running is a blessed feeling and being a runner is an equally blessed experience. Those who are part of a running routine know the feeling of high that first few drops of sweats on one's forehead can give. The strength looming inside one's body after a great session of running is what runners

7 Running Hotspots In Delhi

Running Hotspots In Delhi

Running is an experience not of body but mind. Running rejuvenates body and balances the mind. When we run we not only drain our body of the extra calories but also drain our mind of the negative, depressing thoughts. Therefore running is not only a great workout but also a great healing

10 Best Superfoods For Runners

10 Best Superfoods For Runners

Runners are among the toughest people on the planet. They train for long hours in sun, rain and in every worst climate possible and forge their bodies into metal. Waking up at demonic hours to testing themselves on the world's toughest trails, they go to every length to prove their

The Best Valentine’s Day gifts for the Runner in Your Life

Valentine’s Day gifts for the Runner

Valentine’s Day is almost here. What would you gift if the special person in your life loves running and don’t care much about the traditional flowers and chocolates??? Well, they would prefer sporty accessories over chocolates. You won't have to run all over town to buy what they love as here’s our guide

Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal for Runners

Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal

Preparing for the next marathon? Then you have definitely clicked on the right place. If you are an experienced marathoner then you know how important a Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal for marathoning journey. You may have loads of stamina and strength but if you won't fuel your body the right way then

8 Habits Of Highly Effective Marathoners

Habits Of Highly Effective Marathoners

If you dream of competing in a marathon and winning it and you are ready to take your body to the limits to fulfill this dream then one thing that you should do is take inspiration from highly successful marathon runners. I am going to share few habits of highly effective