The Best Valentine’s Day gifts for the Runner in Your Life

Valentine’s Day gifts for the Runner

Valentine’s Day is almost here. What would you gift if the special person in your life loves running and don’t care much about the traditional flowers and chocolates??? Well, they would prefer sporty accessories over chocolates. You won't have to run all over town to buy what they love as here’s our guide

Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal for Runners

Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal

Preparing for the next marathon? Then you have definitely clicked on the right place. If you are an experienced marathoner then you know how important a Pre-Run and Post-Run Meal for marathoning journey. You may have loads of stamina and strength but if you won't fuel your body the right way then

8 Habits Of Highly Effective Marathoners

Habits Of Highly Effective Marathoners

If you dream of competing in a marathon and winning it and you are ready to take your body to the limits to fulfill this dream then one thing that you should do is take inspiration from highly successful marathon runners. I am going to share few habits of highly effective

Steps To Remove Bad Smell From Your Running Shoes

Remove Bad Smell From Your Running Shoes

Running shoes gets smelly because of sweaty feet. The longer your shoes stay sweaty, the smell becomes worse, because the bacteria keeps growing. Every one of us face this problem. Here are some tips to prevent your running shoes from getting stinky. Do not wear cotton socks while running. Cotton

7 Books Every Runner Should Read


For few people running is a way to establish a deeper peaceful connection with oneself and for some, it is a great way to sweat to the most extreme point. Running could be anything for you but you cannot deny the fact that running is a sport that forces you

How to improve your running cadence and efficiency

improve your run cadence

Cadence is one of the most critical parts of running as it improves the running technique by lowering the stress on ankles, knees, and feet thereby reducing injury. Cadence, also known as stride rate, is the number of steps a runner takes per minute (SPM). To simplify Cadence is how

Why Should Running Be Your New Year Resolution


You must have seen runners swear by the great effects of running but have you ever wondered why most of the athletes include running in their fitness regimen. Well, the reason is that running is an excellent exercise for both a peaceful mind and body. It may seem like a strenuous exercise, wherein