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Details: The 10-days MANALI – LEH cycling ride from is here. Continuing the tradition of offering challenging uphill cycling trails, presents the GREAT HIMALAYAN CHALLENGE Edition.

The 14-days cycling holiday beckons all cycling enthusiasts to experience the most hard-core and rustic cycling trail in the remotest part of the Himalayas.

Ride offers complete support for the cyclists, including, meals, accommodation, mechanic support, support vehicle, first-aid and basic refreshments. The cost for the tour is Rs. 48, 000/- (Rupees forty eight thousand only)


  • Delhi to Manali on road transportation
  • Meals on all days of the tour
  • Accommodation (hotels and tents)
  • Water and basic refreshments
  • Mechanic support
  • Mentor cyclist
  • Support vehicleTHE COST DOES NOT INCLUDE:
  • Transportation from LEH to BANGALORE
  • Any sightseeing costs (including tourist fees) that are not part of the tour schedule
  • Transportation of cycles from BANGALORE to DELHI and from LEH to BANGALORE
  • People transportation from BANGALORE to DELHI and from LEH to BANGALORE
  • Bicycle rentals
  • Spares
  • Food & beverages that are not part of the tour planBicycle rentals and bicycle transportation options are available from

Event Date: 28-Jun-2017

Registrations website:

Location: Delhi Bus Stop, Delhi

City: New Delhi, DL