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Details: Herculean Run is the world’s largest and India’s First fun run with 35 especially designed Obstacles in 4K arena at Thane near Mumbai.

Herculean Run features a Grand experience of 4 Km run with 35 funny Obstacles with The unique combination of fun and strength. The event will be filled with Live DJ, Dancing, turkey legs and beer or Energy Drink, 20+ Knockouts games with delicious food are welcoming them after the Finish Line.

Furious Folks welcome to Herculean Run. Herculean Run is the world’s largest and India’s First fun run with 35 specially designed Obstacles in the 4K/4km arena at Thane near Mumbai on 16th April 2017.

The unique combination of Passion and Endurance, Live DJ, Tasty Bites, a fun packed evening for all Adventure enthusiasts. Fun games in the arena will keep you at the edge, dare to earn a Medal.

Herculean Run is for people in all walks of life. Put your athleticism at test, unleash your potential, pick your speed.

Entries 14 and above, walking between obstacles is acceptable, pick your speed! Some folks run it hard, others enjoy the path – Walk, Jog, or Run – it’s up to you!

Get ready for a Herculean Run!

Meals will be provided only to Enjoyers and challengers.
it will include: a) Energy Drinks.
b) Snacks.
c) Lunch.
d) Hi tea.

Medals will be provided for each Enjoyer.
Goodie bag for Challenger’s will include:

a) T- shirts
b) Bands
c) BIB number

There will be a celebrity/ Live DJ/ Games for bystanders.

Event Date: 04-Jun-2017

Registrations website:

Location: Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

City: Thane, MH