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Details: Hyderabad Triathlon is a sporting event conducted in the glory of the sport. It’s a test of your strength, stamina & endurance and pushing your limits, while you revel in the satisfaction of finishing the triathlon.

The 8th edition of the triathlon, the Hyderabad Triathlon 2017 is scheduled to be held on October 08th, 2017 and is envisaged to draw a footfall of 3500 spectators and 1500+ participants across all categories. This Triathlon will see the introduction of a new category 3/4 Iron to facilitate the die-hard athletes of the city to push their limits and challenge their Physical & mental endurance levels. The Hyderabad Triathlon is not envisaged as a competition. However, all participants will be timed for all the three sports, to facilitate them to assess their individual performances in the respective sport.

The objective of the Hyderabad Triathlon is to create awareness about the Triathlon among the general public, improve the physical & mental fitness of the participants, as also making it a family-friendly event to encourage the participation of families for a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, there is no age limit for participation, though minors require a parental consent prior to participating in the event.

Event Date: 08-Oct-2017

Registrations website:

Location: GMC Balayogi Stadium, Gachibowli

City: Hyderabad, TG