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Details: Running is one of those sports which is growing in India from year by year of which Jaipur, Rajasthan has been an integral part. Running as much as it is physical it is more mentally too, where you take the challenges and grow through them. Here, in Jaipur whether it be children, youth or senior citizen every generation is taking keen interest, enjoying running and being fit.So we are here to introduce a Half Marathon and 10k event which will take runners through important landmarks of the city and will be a life enriching experience. You will learn about yourself and you might discover the strong part of yourself. So what are you waiting for get ready and lace up your shoes, Jaipur is waiting for you.

Race Info
1. There are two categories 21k and 10k.
2. For 21k age, criteria is 18 yrs or more and for 10k age, criteria is 14 yrs or more on the race day 11 June.
3. Plan to be at the start at least 30 min before the start of the races as the race start time is 05:00 am.
4. There is going to be water support throughout the route.
5. We want you safe and injury free with treatment close at hand, call for aid if you feel dizzy or unsteady.

Registration fee
1. For 21K, the Registration fee is Rs1000, for those who are registering till 30th April have to pay Rs850.
2. For 10k, the Registration fee is Rs850, for those who are registering till 30th April have to pay Rs750.

Event Date: 11-Jun-2017

Registrations website:

City: Jaipur, RJ