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Details: After the huge success of GRR Rides “Rolling Wheels To Jaipur” a 230 km Bicycle Ride with 40 Riders from Gurgaon to Jaipur on 14th May 2016 and “Rolling Wheels To Timber Trail” a 300 km bicycle ride with 42 riders from New Delhi to Timber Trail on 16th Dec 2016 GRR is here again spreading the message of protecting the environment through the path of fitness with “Rolling Wheels to the Leh”. GRR is all set to bring a beautiful and courageous experience with the purpose to make our environment pollution free that would inspire generations to come.

The answer to your passion for biking is here. An initiative by GRR, “Rolling Wheels to Leh “, is a Trans-Himalayan Cycling Expedition from Manali to Leh. So Come Join the thrill, Challenge yourself and test the limits of your endurance and willpower.

This is one of the most difficult yet sought after routes by cyclists all around the world due to the fact that the route traverses through some of the world’s highest motorable passes and some spectacular upper Himalayan landscape.

Event Date: 22-Jul-2017

Registrations website:—Himalayan-Cycling-Expedition-2017

City: Manali, HP